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How do you buy the right helmet?

Motorcycle rides are synonyms for fun and excitement.

Bikes have the power to generate a feeling of unparalleled freedom and can be the best option for moving around the city or taking long trips. Still, driving a two-wheeler means that, in an accident, the bumper is our own body, so having the appropriate safety gear is essential when riding. Fortunately, bikers count with a great variety of helmets. The low profile Micro DOT helmets are an easy pick during summer rides. These become mandatory when your neck can't stand a full-face helmet for more than 10'.  

Why considering a low profile Micro DOT helmet?

Open face helmets date back over 100 years. Today's models are advanced and as safe as manufacturers can make them. These biker helmets might not be considered the safest; however, they are a lifesaver when someone who does not wear a helmet has a brain bucket on when someone cuts him short. So, a low profile Micro Dot helmet is a synonym of freedom and safety.

There are many reasons to choose an open face helmet over a full face helmet. The most obvious is comfort. They also offer a fresh and less claustrophobic experience that gives you a greater connection to the elements and nature. These do not strain the neck so that you would love them for their trendy nature and the lighter feel. 

Open face helmets allow greater peripheral vision increasing awareness of cars, traffic lights, pedestrians, or other riders. 

How to pick the Best Micro DOT Helmet:

When buying a helmet, it is highly recommended that it is new. If it is second-hand and the previous owner had a fall, that "touch" could have deteriorated the structure of the helmet, altering the safety properties, making it less effective at the time of an impact. In addition, the inner padding of a used helmet adapts to the shape of the previous owner's head, which can be quite different from yours. For all this, it is very convenient that the helmet is entirely new and with a lifetime warranty, like a Micro DOT Twister, a MicroDOT Blister, or a MicroDOT Mayhem Helmet.


Open helmets are easier to put on than full-face helmets. This is one of the main reasons people buy them. Micro DOT Helmets have a quick release adjustable buckle strap that makes it easy to put on and off with just two fingers. The straps are super soft as well as super tough. They are wear-resistant, UV- resistant heavy duty, and won't curl. They have much better functional performance than those made from other materials.


The open helmet protects the head like any other; however, the face and chin area remains exposed, of course. One can use accessories like riding glasses for the eyes, ear pads to reduce the wind noise, and a neck gaiter that prevents wind, insects, and rain from hitting your face.

Check, Test, and Buy

As a rule of thumb, don't ever buy a motorcycle helmet if the seller does not have a transparent exchange or refund policy. Never trust ads with cheap products while scrolling on Facebook. You will be wasting your time and money. 

Get a biker helmet from a reputable brand with a dealer distribution network. If retailers are selling the product you like, it means the manufacturer is a reliable vendor offering quality that customers want to buy.

Now, you can easily acquire the lightest motorcycle helmet with the best quality and five stars Google review at



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